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Make a splash with a new boat wrap


Whether your boat is a Skeeter bass boat or a Donzi DFX offshore fishing boat we can custom taylor a wrap for your specific make model and year. Basically if it floats we can wrap it. Whether it is a camo wrap on a jon boat, a wild design on a jet ski or full tournament sponsorship on a fishing vessel we can create produce and install your boat wrap.


So whether you fish bass or king mackerel tournaments, wakeboard, waterski or just cruise on the weekend we can help you turn your boat into a personal statement that sets your boat - and you - apart from the rest of the boats on the water.


Image Graphics is your one stop source. We handle the three main aspects of getting a successful boat wrap. Design, printing, installation.


Wrap Design


At our company motto has always been “design makes the difference” and it is true. The best quality wrap and installation means nothing if you don’t love the design. We will work with you to create an amazing eye catching wrap for your boat and/or tow vehicle! Using state of the art design software and years of wrap design experience we can design whatever you dream of. We will work out the design on a computer keeping contact with you and/or your sponsors through revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the new look your boat will have


Printing your Wrap


Once you are happy with your design we move forward to the printing process. Using a 60” wide photo-realistic color printer we out put your custom graphics on premium quality 3M marine grade wrap vinyl with a high gloss 3M over laminate. We use 3M marine rated wrap vinyl exclusively for one reason and one reason only. Quality.  We have worked hard to earn the good reputation that we have and we try every day to extend and expand it. Part of that process includes not taking any shortcuts when it comes to materials. We could save a significant amount of money using other brands of vinyl. Some disreputable shops have even been known to use 3M vinyl with a much cheaper over laminate. That way the customer still sees the 3M logo on the release paper but has no idea that the protective laminate is an off brand. We do not do that.


Boat Wrap Installation


While there are many shops out there that can print wraps, not too many are proficient with wrap installation - particularly on boats. Boats wrap installation is an art to itself. It includes dealing with a 3 dimensional shape that is exposed to the elements, high speed water spray and rough treatments and it needs to be applied accordingly. Our 3M trained installers will first strip any existing wax and then clean and prep your boat so it is a clean blank canvas ready for the graphics.


We then position the material so that it matches the computer drawings. This is a key step, one small mistake here and the entire wrap can need to be reprinted (and yes, that has happened)


Then, using hand sized squeegees and a heat gun our installers begin the slow process of molding the material to the contour of the boat. When trimming is required we us a knife less tape string-cut method to avoid any razor damage to the fiberglass surface underneath. Once we are done with the main installation any small overlay decals are installed along with reinstallation of rub rails, cleats or any other components removed earlier. All edges are trimmed out with 3M edge sealing tape for an extra layer of protection against water pressure. is a division of Image Graphics Inc. | We use ONLY 3M brand vinyl and laminates.

Member PDAA (Professional Decal Application Alliance) and SGIA (Screen Graphic Imaging Association)

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